Tutoring Type

Course Tutoring

Our tutors will provide synchronous tutoring for the courses that students study in high schools or colleges, aiming to help students to prepare and review comprehensively. In addition, tutors will also help students analyze and sort out the knowledge points, understand and master important knowledge points and difficulties more efficiently.

Assignment Tutoring

Our tutors will aim to help students understand the assignment requirements, clarify the ideas of the assignments, and guide students to correctly apply the course knowledge to the assignments. Through assignment tutoring, students will quickly gain and understand the important knowledge they have learned and keep up with the learning progress of high schools or colleges.

Intensive Tutoring

Tutors will guide the students to summarize the important knowledge points, error-prone knowledge points, and difficult exercises in the courses they have learned during the exam preparation period, and help the students to formulate a systematic and comprehensive review plan, so as to promote the students to avoid mistakes and get as high a score as possible in the exams.

One-On-One Customized Tutoring

According to the different difficulties encountered by different students in their learning and the different degrees of knowledge absorption, tutors will use a one-to-one teaching method to help students formulate their own study and review plans. A student will be assigned a tutor for tutoring sessions such as problem solving, assignment tutoring, exam preparation, and more.

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