Service Process

Step 1: Communicate the Situation

Understand the basic situation of students and their needs for tutoring, as well as their current learning status.

Step 2: Match Suitable Tutors

According to the situation and the need of the student, match the most suitable tutor for the student.

Step 3: Provide Course Material

Students provide materials and syllabus for the course they are currently enrolled in.

Step 4: Make Study Plans

Tutors develop tutoring plans and study profiles for students.

Step 5: Conduct Tutoring Sessions

Tutors prepare lessons and tutoring materials as well as conduct formal tutoring sessions for students.

Step 6: Learning Feedback & Follow-Up

The tutor will follow up the students' learning progress and achievements after class, arrange consolidation exercise plans. Also, tutors will make corresponding improvements and adjustments in tutoring approaches at any time.

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